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I am an accomplished AI & Blockchain consultant with PhD (Data Mining) and extensive experience in software analysis, design, and development, technical project management, research and development, and entrepreneurship.

I have extensive experience in managing Blockchain projects and products with a focus on decentralized licensing agreements, payment services with rewards through sharing, and history-oriented archive implementation for purchase and communication history.

The highlights of my research projects involve applying predictive analytics to build an intelligent integration framework to help build Smart Cities, a real-time, intelligent transportation environment. This includes analyzing collected data from transport systems and researching effective predictive analytics to create a self-learning intelligent transport system to generate accurate real-time data predictions and forecasting frameworks for urban transport systems. I’ve also researched ways to quickly mine and process high volume and frequency data collected from modern transport system sensors in order to share a wide range of information across the network in real-time. This makes it possible to handle emergency situations in order to reroute vehicles to avoid disaster utilizing real-time information as well as optimize scheduling, stops usage, and passengers’ time.

As a project manager, resourceful decision maker, and innovative researcher, I consult with clients in order to determine business requirements and project scope in order to influence strategic decisions and define the project-oriented workflow. I am recognized as an articulate communicator and respected academic who interacts with colleagues and professionals from other disciplines to creatively utilize technical skills and research to further the mission of the project and support organizational goals.

Areas of Expertise

  • Blockchain Development
  • High-Level Technical Research
  • Data Mining
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Academic Research & Development
  • Team Training & Leadership
  • Blockchain Consultancy
  • Technical Project Management
  • Real-Time Data Predictions
  • Predictive Algorithms
  • Forecasting Frameworks
  • Global Communications

Exceptional Talent in Digital Technology by endorsement from Tech City UK

Tech City UK only issue 200 endorsements per year to individuals wishing to enter or remain in the UK under the Tech Nation Exceptional Talent Visa Scheme. The Tech Nation Visa enables the brightest and best tech talent from around the world to come and work in the UK’s digital technology sector, contributing their cutting-edge expertise, creativity and innovation to maintaining the UK’s position at the forefront of the global digital economy.




Ph.D., Computer Science, Kingston University, London, UK

  • Data Science with a focus on Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Implemented Next Generation Smart City Applications with Intelligent Auto-Learning Systems

M.S., Software Project Management, Gold Medalist (Cumulative GPA 3.94)
The National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan.

M.Sc., Computer Science, Quaid e Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan.


Training & Workshops


  • Workshop on Unit Testing Frameworks to MS class @Kingston University
  • Seminar on Intelligent Transport Systems @Digital Information Research Center
  • Workshop on Programming Practices to MS class @Kingston University
  • Participation in London Mayor’s Entrepreneurship Program 2017
  • Reviewer for papers @Intelligent Environments conference


Honors & Awards


  • Gold Medal – MS Computer Science (Project Management) – 3.94 CGPA
  • Runner Up with a cash prize of £250 @BrightIdeas competition Kingston University for “NavLo – A smart navigation for London”




I have provided consultancy to many large organizations in UK since 2012. A brief of the work is mentioned along with the organization I worked with.

  • Worked with Met Police London to implement training management solution
  • Worked with Hydro Dams UK to implement their web system for central content management, exhibitions and conferences management and reservation system
  • Worked on a University project for implementation of MRI images management and diagnostic solution for disease identification
  • Implemented Infotainment system at Gatwick Airport terminal buses
  • Implemented Voice Announcement system at Gatwick Airport terminal buses
Multiq, UK/Denmark, Principal Investigator/Consultant.

I have designed and built the architecture of many systems that make a Distributed Fleet Management System. I have designed and built the architecture of many systems that make a Distributed Fleet Management System. This fleet management system includes a lot of systems such as Runtime Traffic Distribution System, Stops Departure Board, Bus Sign Management System, Voice Announcement System, Operational web management systems, Real-time traffic prediction system and an Intelligent infotainment system. I supervised and worked on Stops Departure Board, Voice Announcement System, Operational web management systems, Real-time traffic prediction system and an Intelligent infotainment system. In addition to these, I researched on the application of machine learning algorithms to design a self-learning real-time prediction system for bus arrival times with comprehensive visualization. My contribution to this project are:

  • Researcher and Architect of Real-time predictive monitoring system
  • Architecture & Implementation of Stops Departure Board
  • Implementation of Driver Control Unit, Communication Unit, and Voice announcement system onboard buses
  • Implementation of intelligent geo-location oriented Infotainment system.
Mermaid Technology, Denmark, Project Leader/Solution Architect.

Designed and implemented architecture for two large scale systems in the domain of Digital Signage and Video Production System. Following are important features for each project:

Digital Signage
I researched on designing the communication platform so that digital media content can be played across multiple systems. I participated in building the basic architecture of the system that works as a backbone of the bigger system today. Some features for this project are:

  • Interactive digital signage applications where the end user can interact with the system to decide what content is played
  • Implementation and deployment of solutions for retail, banking, airport that design and display dynamic digital content on a variety of display devices.

Video Production
I designed and Implemented this system to facilitate the process of video production and collaboration between the video production team and the clients. I built this system from inception to production and I interacted with video production team as well as clients to ensure that the system architecture covers the concerns as well as challenges being faced by both stakeholders. Some salient features are:

  • Version control of still and video clips to keep an history of all changes being made
  • Comprehensive access control system for protection of privacy
  • Video play as well as integrated feedback system
  • Video play preview for different screen sizes
Victorsot, Denmark, Project Leader.

I was hired to work on and manage a suite of distributed file transfer managements systems that facilitate content management and broadcasting of digital content to thousands of subscribing devices and display screens. Few of the features designed and implemented in these projects were:

  • Automatic agents for synchronized collection of digital content including file, audio and video media.
  • Controlled distribution of the digital content through layered proxy channels
  • Device as well as region based broadcasting of the content to target display devices
  • Cleanup management for storage sensitive devices to ensure only relevant content is downloaded
  • Backbone communication system to provide connection between thousands of devices and layered proxy channels to the central hub
VCS, Lahore Pakistan, Software Consultant.

Led a project for this communications solutions provider to develop a PUSH service to transport and broadcast real-time messages using C on a Ubuntu Linux system with a browser based on JavaScript.


  • Developed a seed service to generate data to be broadcasted, and a web and messaging service to add data from an inbound to the outbound queue.
  • Implemented a PUSH service to pick data from the outbound queue, parse XML data, and send for broadcasting and a PUSH Server to receive data from PUSH service and send to clients.
ALEFSYS, Hong Kong, Pakistan, UK, Co-Founder/Lead Developer.

ALEFSYS is a next generation, technology-focused, global company with multifaceted expertise developing enterprise applications, games, and education solutions. The company has quickly expanded from a startup to a high performance enterprise creating solutions and applications based on evolving technology in order to better serve clients ranging from small businesses to industry leaders.


  • Lead a highly effective technical team to develop mobile applications and web solutions tailored to clients’ specific business requirements.
  • Collaborate with clients, designers, and developers to successfully deliver projects on time and to scope.
CITI, New York, NY, PKI/Information Security Consultant.

Led a cross-functional team to complete a solution for secure online payments and the prevention of fraud for online transactions using Java and C++ applications.


  • Reduced risks and downtime by implementing security components in Java and C++
  • Secured data transactions by implementing diagnostics and verification tools.
  • Increased security and reduced potential fraud by implementing various payment features, including digital certificates and public key infrastructure, to protect payment information and validate transaction identification and destination.
ASCERTIA, London, UK, Associate Project Manager.

Recruited and led a team to develop Java applications and design information security servers and administrative interfaces for this leading PKI and information security solutions provider.


  • Developed a concept for the product Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) based server using OCSP protocol RFCs and market requirements.
  • Implemented and deployed Linux and Windows servers as well as an administration panel for the server using Java.
  • Gathered and validated requirements with PKI and OCSP consultants and used Java to enable the server across platforms.
  • Defined project scope, allocated tasks, visited client sites to discuss the deployment and requirements for operation of the OCSP server, and conducted market research and analysis for similar applications to develop a differentiating factor.
NETSOL PAKISTAN, Pakistan & Australia, Senior Software Engineer/Team Leader.

Team Lead to develop a Visual C++ based application for this CMMI level 5 software company using SQL Server and Oracle databases at backend for auto and home leasing for the clientele of Macquire bank.


  • Gathered and analyzed client to develop scope with the project manager and delegate tasks to team members.
  • Improved performance by providing technical assistance to existing workforce and training to new team members.
  • Enhanced communications by consulting with clients on fixing various issues and implementing new features.
  • Conducted on-site deployment of software in Sydney Australia and performance optimization of workflow algorithms for efficient application processing.
NEXTBRIDGE LTD., Lahore, Pakistan, Software Engineer.

Published a central content management system based on object oriented database management to manage and publish news items with users of different roles.


  • Implemented C++ components to access and process data received and UI controls to represent hierarchical data for news items and to interact with lotus APIs and Object Oriented database APIs.




Programming Languages – Java
Programming Languages – C++
Programming Languages – C#
Data Structures and Algorithms
Visual C++ Programming
Object Oriented Programming


Data Structures
Object Oriented Programming


Programming – PHP
Programming Languages – C#

Other Courses:

Problem Solving and Programming Data Structures and Algorithms
Database Design
Analysis and Design of Algorithms
Comparative Study of Programming Languages
Software Testing Techniques
Emerging Trends in Software Development
Software Entrepreneurship
Software Project Management
Requirement Engineering




Digital Signage Broadcasting and Narrowcasting Solutions, Urban Transport Management Systems, Content Design and Broadcasting Management, Distributed File, Publishing, and Lease Management Systems, Information Security, eLearning Systems, Data Mining, Linux/Windows Development, Document and Training Management Systems, PKI, Security, and Cryptography Applications, Digital Certificate Issuance and Verification, OCSP Protocol Implementation, and Digital Signature Verification.




Flemming Midtgaard

“I like to recommend Nauman Khan, I worked with mr. Khan for almost 3 years, and he is a brilliant collegue as well as a brilliant communicator and a super skilled developer – in its pure sence: Getting into unknown ground and unknown fields it one of mr. Naumens great talents. As a overseas project manager these skills are highly important when developer is taking its place from one part of the world to another. And we not always can foreseen the impact of new structures and technology platforms.”

Flemming Midtgaard Virksomhedskonsulent, Forretningsudvikler & Underviser

Muhammad Saqlain Ali Khan

“I have known Nauman for a long time and he is a gem of a person both personally and professionally. He has excellent inter-personnel skills which makes him not only a great colleague to have but also makes him a friend for a lifetime. He is a thorough professional and has the knack of working in pressure situations. He is absolutely a great asset to have on any team. I wish him all the best for the future.”

Muhammad Saqlain Ali Khan Development Manager at Poly Vista

Faisal Yaqoob

“Nauman was the first person I worked for in my professional career and I must say I learned a lot from him. He is a genius with extra ordinary people and management skills as well as highly developed analytical and problem solving skills. Risks and competition doesn’t hold him back. On top of it he is a gentleman!”

Faisal Yaqoob Senior Software Engineer at Bloomberg

Adnan Muhammad

“I worked with Nauman in same team in NetSol. I am really impressed with both his technical and soft skills. He is energetic and very good team player. His communication skills are second to none. He communicated with his colleagues and management effectively. He is hard working and tackles issues efficiently. I have confidence in his skills and would like to work with him again.”

Adnan Muhammad Senior Software Engineer





Smart Cities, Public Transport System, Network Optimization Algorithms, Data Mining, Data & Behavior Modelling, Real-Time Systems


  • Industrial grant of £12,000 for research and implementation of real-time framework for public transport systems
  • Industry-University collaboration fund of $5,000 for research on Intelligent Environments


Accepted papers:
Intelligent Environments – Intelligent Integration Framework for Smart Transport System
Analyzed collected data from transport systems and researched effective predictive analytics to create a self-learning intelligent transport system. This system generates accurate real-time data predictions to develop forecasting frameworks for urban transport systems.

  • Proposed a framework to acquire, store, manipulate, and integrate information such as arrival times to optimize scheduling and usage in real-time and making appropriate information available as needed.
  • Discovered ways to handle emergency situations in real-time in order to reroute vehicles to avoid disaster based on on-the-fly available information.

Presented in: Intelligent Environments 16 Conference: http://www.intenv.org/

Self-Adaptive Service Driven Architecture for Intelligent Transport System
Researched ways to quickly mine and process high volume and frequency data collected from modern transport system sensors in order share information across the network in real-time.

  • Controlled operation variables including speed, scheduling, fuel consumption, and passenger count in order to develop forecasting frameworks and real-time data predictions for urban transport systems.
  • Proposed a novel architecture to acquire, store, manipulate, and integrate information from heterogeneous data sources to produce a reliable prediction in order to help transport managers and bus companies optimize scheduling, stops usage, and passengers’ time.
  • Designed new machine learning algorithms and data structures for optimal data processing.

Presented in: 15th International Symposium on Distributed Computing and Applications to Business, Engineering and Science (DCABES 2016): http://dcabes2016.conferences-events.org/

Submitted: One paper submitted

  • Real-time inter-connectivity between different modes of public transport for efficient journey planning for Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems.

In Progress:

  • Predictive monitoring and dispatching algorithm for emergency vehicles to reduce time to service
  • SWARMO – A vehicle & commuter swarming based navigation system for large cities
  • Real-time tracking and manipulation of on-board sensors in a public transport system for IEEE Internet of Things Journal